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Do your fingertips hurt from all of that guitar practicing?  Don’t worry!  You’ll get through it pretty quickly.  This video gives you a few tips to help ease your pain!  The first tip even comes from guitar legend “Eric Clapton” himself.  I hope you enjoy this video.  Subscribe to our channel for more FREE lessons and check out out website for more awesome FREE stuff:



This video from Music Geniuses Inc. tells you 1 Simple Mind Trick to help you to practice your instrument more right away!  This mind trick leverages the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” and helps you to use that understanding to your advantage.  If you simply keep your instrument out where you can see it every day (instead of putting it away in some closet somewhere) you will instantly multiply your chances of sitting down to practice it!  I don’t know why it works.  We’re just lazy creatures by nature I guess!  All I know is if you simply set your instrument out after you finish practicing instead of putting it back in its case, you will play it far more often…guaranteed!

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You want to master your instrument don’t you?!  This short video reveals a “secret” to unlocking speed and accuracy on your instrument that you never thought were possible.  The “secret” is found in a peculiar truth about how God created you.  In the video you’ll see how to trick your brain into thinking that what you once thought were “Blazing Fast” tempos are really very manageable.

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