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Do your fingertips hurt from all of that guitar practicing?  Don’t worry!  You’ll get through it pretty quickly.  This video gives you a few tips to help ease your pain!  The first tip even comes from guitar legend “Eric Clapton” himself.  I hope you enjoy this video.  Subscribe to our channel for more FREE lessons and check out out website for more awesome FREE stuff:



This is the awesome 2nd Part to our Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar Easy Lesson.  Practice these patterns slowly to get the most out of them, and remember that every second you spend brings you closer to mastering the guitar so take some time EVERY DAY.  Blessings on you on your journey!

Michael Firkins

In this awesome FREE lesson you’ll learn the bare-bone basics of beginning to play fingerstyle on your guitar. Listen to the beginning of this video for some interesting fingerstyle elements. Notice how I use the body of the guitar as a percussion instrument and just imagine what you could do once you understand a few basics of this style! Blessings on you on your journey!

Michael Firkins