If you want to learn the ultimate “guitar secret” here it is…In this FREE guitar lesson you will learn what it really takes to master any guitar lick, or any other lick on any other instrument as a matter of fact.

The secret is found in human anatomy actually.  You have been blessed by God with an amazing gift called “Muscle Memory.”  Muscle Memory can be clearly seen in action if you go to a farm on chicken butchering day.  When a chicken’s head is cut off from its body, the silly little thing jumps up and runs around the yard for a few minutes!  You see, the legs don’t NEED the brain to remember how to run…they REMEMBER for themselves.

Your fingers work the same way.  They literally REMEMBER whatever you program them to remember!  The secret to leveraging this for your “guitar playing” is to play SLOWLY ENOUGH so that you don’t make any little mistakes.  Your fingers remember mistakes if that is  what you spend all your time teaching them!  Practice slow and you will DOMINATE any passage of music you happen upon.

Blessings on you in your guitar playing!

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